By creating local partnerships with the educational institutions in our local community, the SNVCC will highlight pathways for further professional development for veterans, as well as the locally available programs for professional certifications for different industry sectors, and also foster direct communication with our local experts for better understanding of veterans educational benefits. 


The SNVCC aims to partner with our local institutions of higher education, professional certification and development in order to equip our transitioned veterans and military dependents with the strongest resources to move forward in their journey beyond life in the uniform.

A huge part of our mission involves increasing local visibility of not only these educational and certification programs in as many industry sectors as possible, but also highlighting the various charitable groups and support organizations who are already doing amazing things in our community to make a difference for veterans seeking greater professional development.

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Mission Statement


At the Southern Nevada Veterans Chamber of Commerce, our organizational mission is provide support to our local small-business community, and we aim to accomplish this through fostering community partnerships with some of the world-class brands that have been developed in the Las Vegas region, to helkp create resources for businesses in our community.

Ultimately, the proceeds earned from our efforts will go toward developing new programs for our veteran in transition, familiies in transition, and also enhancing currently existing programs for our veteran community.  

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