Dr. John Heintzelman-

Nov 07, 2021

    Giving back to the Transitioning Veterans

Written By Betty Boyd, Professional Freelance Writer



We all face challenges throughout our lives, but the transitioning veteran is unique in overcoming them. Their issues range from finding a job, being a civilian again, mental health, homelessness, to higher-than-average suicide rates.

John Heintzelman is a retired Master Sergeant with 22 years of service as an Airborne Senior NCO in the Army. He bravely served in Kosovo and Afghanistan and received many awards to include the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart.  

John has faced his own story. After finishing his master’s degree, he sent out over 300 resumes and got no responses during a very trying period. There were no resources available for guidance, which made John's situation dire, where he almost became homeless himself.

"Unfortunately, the Armed Forces don't provide the necessary resources to help the transitioning veteran for the mental challenges that they must face," states John.

John didn't want others to go through the same thing he was living. After getting his Ph.D. in Psychology, he gathered all his research and wrote The Veterans Resource and Transition Guide. The book talks about employment, mental challenges, stigmas, a section for spouses, and other vital issues. It is a living document and is updated annually. You can get the book at

John is the host of a podcast, "The Veteran Doctor," where there are scripted items and interviews on various topics relevant to veterans. The podcast is done on a biweekly basis and gives information that is timely and meaningful. John also has a subscribed blog on his website. And so the book, podcast, and blog are avenues on the publishing side that gives veterans information that is needed.

John is involved in the Las Vegas Valley community. He is the Junior Vice Commander for the Purple Heart Association of Nevada in Henderson, and he writes a monthly article for their newsletter and helps run that chapter.

John does informal adventure gatherings in the Spring and Fall for exercise and one-to-one talks and other activities that help veterans to be able to get away and relax.

He is working on another book to help bridge the gap between combat veterans and psychological clinicians in their particular situations and giving them the advice and tools to help them overcome their mental health problems.

John is the Vice President for Veteran Advocacy Programs for the recently formed Southern Nevada Veterans Chamber of Commerce.

John is a great advocate and inspiration for the veteran community and other various veteran non-profits that he is involved. John, thank you for your service to our country and the Las Vegas Valley community.

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