Kevin Knight served proudly as an Infantry Marine, now turned succesful entrepreneur with a passion for giving back and improving the lives of those around him. Kevin has a huge heart for helping others, and has contributed in a huge way to his local veteran community. 

After retiring from the Marine Corps in 2014, Kevin transitioned into a career in the short-term rental industry as the General Manager at Vacasa. Kevin went on to oversee the Vacasa expansion into the Southern California market, before also working with TurnKey Vacation Rentals on their expansion into Southern California.

Returning to Vacasa in 2017,  Kevin led the Vacasa expansion into Nashville, TN and Sunset Beach; he then became an independent freelance consultant for a variety of rental arbitrage companies & a portfolio of homeowners and investors.

Kevin launched Patriot Vacation Rentals in July 2020 as a way to use his experience in the short-term rental property industry to give back to military veterans, and also to help homeowners who were seeking a new management solution. Kevin's vacation rental company, Patriot Vacation Rentals, has donated to various veteran organizations, as well as providing complimentary  vacations in his property homes to veteran organizations. Kevin also recently recently launched Red Rock Hospitality Group. Kevin's goal is to donate $100,000 in cash and stays over the next 3 years.