Are you a member of the military community, and have a great idea for a business? Do you need a little help to get started? Maybe a lot of help? We got you. 

A large number of military veterans pursue the development of a business after leaving service. Through our partnerships with amazing veteran entrepreneurship programs, the SNVCC promotes the necessary tools and networks needed to successfully grow a business brand in the community and offer value through services and product, the SNVCC helps veterans and military spouses gain access to resources to be successful in an entrepreneurship endeavor.


Bunker Labs

Bunker Labs is an amazing national entrepreneurship incubation program, that enables and empowers veteran businesses to optimize their best practices, resources, and networks to take their business to the next level. Bunker Labs uses a 6-month business incubation program called "Veterans In Residence" which provides the necessary support to optimize a growing business and grow into its greater potential!

The Rosie Network

The Rosie Network is a reknown national program that supports veteran, military and military-spouse owned businesses take their business to the next level and gain access to greater networks and training through their Service To CEO cohort program.

Mission Statement


At the Southern Nevada Veterans Chamber of Commerce, our organizational mission is provide support to our local small-business community, and we aim to accomplish this through fostering community partnerships with some of the world-class brands that have been developed in the Las Vegas region, to helkp create resources for businesses in our community.

Ultimately, the proceeds earned from our efforts will go toward developing new programs for our veteran in transition, familiies in transition, and also enhancing currently existing programs for our veteran community.  

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